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Congratulations for winning the 2017 Enterprise Sales Management Innovation Forum Sales Innovation Enterprise Award

Read:4321times      Release:2017-10-30

On October 26th, 2017, domestic CRM mobile sales management service providers enjoyed the 2017 corporate sales management innovation forum, attracting more than 400 corporate customers, partners and industry media to participate in the event.

During the conference, in order to encourage and promote domestic CRM applications, establish a benchmark for mobile sales management, enjoy the award-winning ceremony of the “Corporate Sales Innovation” series of awards and awards, and enjoy the “Enterprises” Sales Innovation Award, Sales Elite Award, and Excellent Administrator Award. G.B.F.F won the “Sales Innovation Enterprise Award” at the selection, which witnessed the sales management innovators in China. Glory and peak moments.

It is reported that the “Enterprise Sales Innovation” series of awards rigorously evaluates the  multidimensional standards such as enterprise scale, mobile informationization years, sales utilization rate, change team, CRM concept advancement and implementation execution, and selects dozens of 100 short-listed enterprises. The company has advanced sales management concepts and creatively promotes high-quality enterprises with informatization and mobile management strategies. This series of awards not only provides a classic case for Chinese private enterprises to improve their marketing and operational efficiency, but also means the trend of informationization, mobilization and even digitalization, intelligent marketing concepts and strategies among Chinese companies and the future.