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Congratulations for passing the "GB/T29490-2013 Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations"

Read:5130times      Release:2017-12-12

On November 30, 2017, our company had successfully passed the “GB/T29490-2013 Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations”, which represented that our company's implementation of the “Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards” has reached a new level.


Our company has always attached importance to intellectual property protection and brand building. Through the certification of intellectual property rights, strengthen the comprehensive training of the positions involved in intellectual property management in the company's operation, improve the employees' awareness of intellectual property rights, strengthen their awareness of confidentiality; standardize enterprise management with standard requirements, form scientific and standardized, the system of intellectual property management system. The promotion of intellectual property standards is of great significance to our company to effectively prevent intellectual property risks, protect innovation achievements, and enhance independent innovation capabilities and core competitiveness.